I know it's hard to decide what to wear, but I promise, I am here to help.

We all know how session planning can be daunting. It's hard to determine where to start and what we want our vision to be for our session. There is the location and there is also the outfits. I can't tell you how often I hear, "we would book but I need to determine what I want to wear first" and guess what...sometimes they never do. Don't let the outfit decisions deter you from making your session a reality. Know that I am here to help you throughout the process once we get you on the calendar. I even team up with local specialists to bring you more help! This month's blog is brought to you by an amazing boutique owner that has some great tips and tricks for you all.

Opinion of a stylist on how to approach your session outfits...

Fashion looks very different to many people but we all want to be stylish in one way or another and having your photos taken adds an extra layer of pressure. I mean, these pictures are forever, right?! Well, yes but also lets not forget the memories are the star of the show!

It’s a moment in time, where your family lives, breathes and takes up space is what we are trying to capture (for better or for worse). Think of your fashion in your photoshoot as a time capsule and a reflection of you and your family as they are in that season of life. Each year we change, we evolve and that's the beauty of life and in fact, fashion. The ever morphing of time. So when it comes to your fashion choice, choose the now, the here and the present. It’s an expression of your heart, your family dynamics and your life as it stands in the moment.

Sure I could write out a long list of do’s and don’ts, which colors look best outside and avoiding certain patterns, which I can certainly still do, but I’m here to say to be authentically you in the present. If that means Vans and a graphic tee, a hot pink dress with ruffles or all black then let it shine through alongside your big beautiful smile.

How boring would it be to never change, evolve and grow? Each family portrait looks the same year after year really doesn’t tell the story of your life with your family but rather it speaks to a life not lived! Who wants that?!

So before you go shopping and spending your life savings on the outfits you think you should wear think about how you are now. What makes you and your family… them? What makes you all laugh together, smile together and love on one another?

My advice? Wear that and smile big. These photos are forever (wink wink)

Ashley G. - Owner of Ashley's Attic

My 3 tips as a stylist:


Coordinating outfits. I said coordinating, not matching head to toe.

Natural Earth Tones

Cream and natural earth tones do look best in outdoor photos and most everyone has those colors in their closet.

Keep it simple

Too many accessories can muddle the image. After all, it’s about the humans in the photos!

A little about the Ashley's Attic

For starters, I had to post this blog on Earth Day! Ashley and her team are committed to help reduce the waste when it comes to clothing by offering re-sell gems out of an adorable Victorian home turned boutique in downtown Colorado Springs. While I was there last week to do some branding for her I witnessed a gal come in looking for an outfit for a fancy event. Ashley jumped right in and she walked out with not one but two outfits for a night out on the town. It was amazing! She knows what she is doing and she loves helping people. She carries everything from clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry and even gifts! You have to go! It's awesome! Follow her on ashleys.attic and www.ashleysatticcos.com/