New Year, New reasons to document your life

Last year went by so fast. Most of you may know that I tore my ACL and meniscus, January 15. It seriously feels like yesterday but it's been a year! Because of that injury I was a little more limited the first half of the year and I want to make up for that in 2023. This year I want to offer one mini session opportunity a month. The first 3 are already planned and I am so excited!

My goal is to utilize some of the fun spaces up and down the front range to not only provide opportunities to see you all but also give you some different settings for capturing your life moments. I don't provide mini sessions on just any day and usually just do them for Mother's Day, Fall and Winter. I want to expand that this year so you have some variety and a discounted option from a full session. And on that note...Have an idea, Let me know! If we can get others interested we can set it up!

For the first quarter, I have 3 planned already. January will be at an amazing neutral studio space in Denver. There are amazing windows, with fun light, plain white walls, neutral furniture, and green plants. Such a fun space for a unique family photo or even great for classic branding session. My favorite part about doing my first round of minis here is how timeless these images are going to be. I can see these hung up on your walls for years to come. Such a classic backdrop that will help your photos shine in your home, no matter what your décor is. Shoot, so timeless you could even use them for your Holiday cards at the end of the year! Or a great New Years Card too!

I am so passionate about couples photography. From the newly engaged, the parents of young kids, to couples who have been married for 50 years. It's so easy for us to do photo sessions that focus on the entire family and I feel like sometimes we miss the opportunity to document just the two of us that started it all. With my February minis in downtown Castle Rock I want to encourage couples to come out and do a shoot, just the two of you. Make it a date night and come out for some fun photos and end with a great dinner at some of the amazing new restaurants down there ( I will link some of my favorites below). Although that's what I encourage you to do, I am not limiting these time slots to just couples, so by all means, if you want Urban family photos, sign up too! I love this area and it makes for a fun backdrop.

The last mini opportunity this quarter is March 6th at Kindle COS. I love this studio and the owners and excited to be doing another round of minis here. This studio has it all, basic backdrops, fun couches and chairs, a bedroom set up, even an office set up. My goal for these are Branding Minis. If you are needing updated head shots, photos for your social media account, updated images for your website, these minis at this studio are perfect for you. I did these last year and they were a huge hit. Not into the branding stuff, again, these minis can be for anything, including but not limited to getting a jump start on a mommy and me session or celebrating a milestone birthday.

Make a date night out of your Couples Mini Session in Castle Rock!

Capture your love for your husband or wife, by taking them out to dinner and a photo shoot the weekend before Valentine's Day! Seriously couldn't be more perfect. Below are some of my favorite restaurants in the area.

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Still thinking about what you want to do? No worries at all. Join the email list for mini sessions to stay in the loop about details, last minute opening and future mini sessions right here. More to come for the next quarter but I am so excited about these 3 I have planned so far. I hope you all are too! This list is mini session specific so if you already signed up for email but LOVE minis, sign up for this too!

Have questions about mini sessions? Shoot me a message.