We had a whirlwind June

Nothing beats getting out of your routine for a little bit and going out and exploring. Especially with family in tow. This summer kicked off wild and crazy for us with two trips to multiple states before the middle of June. After that we are coasting through the rest of the summer with local actives before school starts up in the middle of August.

Kansas City


My husbands family is from Kansas and he still has siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins that live out that way. As most of you all know we are big Colorado Sports fans. However, our Rockies owners need a reality check so, we decided to boycott (all but one fireworks game) going to Coors Field this year and went out to KC to watch their 3 game series against the Royals. We turned it into a fun extended weekend seeing friends of mine, and lots of family, Including a big tailgate on the last game of the series. I even got to do two sessions while I was there! One for my friend's son, who had just turned 1 and another for my Sister In Law and her extended family. It was hot and humid the whole time but we loved every second.

Family Vacation with My Side of the Family


First full family vacation with my family since I was pregnant with my first! With all the new babies in the family it just wasn't in the cards the last 6 years and then Covid killed all the fun. It was much needed and much appreciated. We started our trip flying into NOLA because Mike and I just love that food and the flights and car rental was so much cheaper. Turned out our flight was on the NBA Championship Parade for our NUGGETS so we were all wearing our gear onboard and so were a lot of others. Got to NOLA and had some great Cajun food , beignets and showed the family the French Quarter before driving down through Mississippi and Alabama to get to Perdido Bay, Florida where we had an amazing VRBO. Had a blast at the beach, Mike golfed every day with at least one person from the crew, crossed into Orange Beach, Alabama for great restaurants and a dolphin cruise. We even went to Pensacola to the National Aviation Museum which was really cool and awesome excursion for a rainy day, We even managed to get our extended family photos done with a tripod! Oh, and Kinlee lost another tooth.

I hope you are all having a great summer too!