From the moment I met these two I knew I had to shoot their wedding day.

I am sure some of you have heard me say before, I love, love. I am a big sucker for rom-coms and all things wedding. I even worked for a wedding website before starting my business. Getting to meet recently engaged couples is so much fun for me. Talking about how they met to how the proposal went down gets me all giddy.

As for these two, they met at their work. Both teachers here in Colorado. Although they have only been together for 2 years you would never know. They are absolutely perfect for each other. Laughing and giggling with each other non stop. Add in her two kids and this family of 4 is just a match made in heaven. The moments and fun we were able to capture of them all together as a family of 4 at their engagement session was a blast and I knew their wedding would be just as fun.

Fun facts: They love to read and he also made her ring!

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All the feelings.

July 8, 2023 was a summer morning with lots of clouds and a little wind. The backyard where they hosted the ceremony faced to the Eastern Plains in a rural part of town. This couple is so calm and easy going, no stress about the day could be found. They just had their close family and a few friends join them for the ceremony followed by a brunch afterwards. It was perfect in every way. Lots of hugs and happy tears to cap it all off before taking a few hours to relax before the party got started that evening. During their bridal party shoot here at the house, we even got a hummingbird watching us from above the house. A perfect reminder that everyone was there in attendance. Casey's son had noticed it and I was told it was their sign for Casey's mom who is no longer with us. Such a special moment and memory to last forever.

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The moments that will last a lifetime

Although it wasn't in their original plans, the couple decided that they would have a larger reception in Elizabeth, CO where they met. We all gathered a few hours later at the hidden gem of a venue, the Running Creek Manor. We had an amazing dinner by Cranelli's Italian Restaurant and of course danced and celebrated the couple the rest of the night.

One part of their day that I will never forget is the amazing speech given by Casey's daughter. It was not only to her mom but also to her mom's better half. There was not a dry eye in the house. The two also shared a super fun dance together and just shows how amazing John is and how much of an impact he has made on this family in such a short amount of time.

Another fun fact: the couple did their own music playlist for their dancefloor and ran the iPad the entire night. I HAVE NEVER heard a better playlist and I HAVE NEVER seen a bride and groom dance as much as they did. I did not want to leave.

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Their love fills the room.

The love this day radiated beyond belief. Sitting here editing the last few weeks and reliving this day I felt it all again. Every moment had me either smiling or tearing up and I am willing to bet you can see that to as you flip through these. They are going to have the best life together and I am so excited for them.

Cheers Friends!