First Snow of the Year, Just for these Two

Our journey together started in Florida, as Dylan was walking back to the hotel we were all staying at. He mentioned he was going to proposing to Shelby soon and wanted to have my card so that he could call me for a session after he did it since we all live in Colorado. I was thrilled to get the call and we did an amazing session that summer. At the time they weren't sure what their wedding plans would be but a few months later we started the planning process. They eventually landed on keeping it an intimate wedding experience and I was 100% on board. Inviting immediate family and some friends to a cabin up in Estes Park for a small wedding. As the last weekend of October began to approach, weather was looking good, but two days prior everything changed and Colorado was expecting their first big snow storm but that didn't dampen the day, we embraced it!

I loved how I was able to capture all the moments of their day. From hanging out and having coffee to following them through the entire getting ready process and of course their vows and reception. It was such a wholesome, cozy, chill environment. Getting to watch the centerpieces and bouquets come together as their florist worked, watching Dylan's parents make dinner in the kitchen. It was just the cutest family affair I have ever seen for a wedding. Absolutely perfect.

And we can't talk about Dylan and Shelby without mentioning their babies, their pups. We incorporated them both in their engagement session and they knew they wanted them to be apart of their wedding day as well. Sadly they lost one just weeks before the wedding. But you can see Toby was there in spirit. With special touches in the wedding bouquet and Dylan's socks. Oscar got to witness it all in person as you can clearly see. He had an absolute blast running around in the snow, Almost took me out while I was running for a shot cause he thought I was going to go play with him, and got the zoomies during the ceremony! Hilarious and forever memorable. Can't forget his constant desire for table scraps too.

Special thanks to the amazing vendors for this day too:

Hair: Painted Mane

Make-Up: Monch Esparza

Florist: Athena Blooms

Cake/Desert: Nothing Bundt Cakes

The most memorable part of their day...

Throughout the day we ended up getting 10+ inches of snow. Even though this was a micro wedding, they did have family and a handful of friends with them bringing about 12 or so cars with them. All the cars were stuck and couldn't make it to the road that night. Dylan was outside for 2 hours trying to get cars out to the road. Poor thing didn't even get to eat dinner with the rest of his guests.